6/10 Bass O’ Plenty / Shallow Water Water Flats Fishing Heating Up

Waters have finally warmed and we’ve settled around the 70 degree mark. Crab are on the flats bringing with southern sting rays and a whole load resident fish taking hold.
Especially in open water which the bass dominated in earlier this morning…

We left the dock a little after five an hour or so into the outgoing tide.

We worked a bunch of minnow creeks running all over hitting one after another looking for feeding bass

Most of them were feeding on surface on small spearing as we arrived and took down our topwater plugs with little hesitation.

It was a very visual feed with us running in the skiff looking for any kind of disturbance on the glassy water.

Any swirl , and bait flipping was an indiciation of a bass moving through the shallow water.

After the tide settled and the creeks dropped out we started working open water grass beds.
We alternated casts between plastics and topwater plugs as any one fish may respond to one or
the other.
Sight fishing bass moving on the flat we were able to bang them out with BassKandyDelights.
The second they caught a glimpse it was a sealed deal.

As we moved into even more open territory, away from the banks, the water was extermely still and there were now very large bass
swimming around the skiff taking in bait from the surface. We opted with top water plugs and had some pretty awesome strikes boatside
as well as far out. Their aim today was a little off as the bass had a hard time hooking themselves no matter how determined they were.
We had great visuals of 30 inch bass smashing plugs within hands reach in foot deep crystal clear water.\

We also had a roving school of bluefish that happened to come by. These were nice size fish that at times hooking two at once on the same topwater plug. Not something I see often this time of year a great way to round off the trip.

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