Multi Trip Striped Bass Report w/pics

All right… awesome

I finally have some time to sit down and write a formal report to tell you what’s been going on on the striped bass front in the backwater.

I’ve been keeping my instagram account ( @danschafer08247) updated as well as my facebook business page so check those out for up to the minute info.

Now on to the content…

The past three or four days have brought with it a slew of differing wind directions, tides, storm fronts, Blue bird and overcast skies.

Every morning and afternoon completely polarized. Differing constantly changing conditions keeping the fish on the move. Schooling them up only to break off again into smaller groups with the wild card larger solitary teritorial fish.

These are our resident summer bass that have just arrived. They’re working high percentage areas of the past as well as new water that I’ve never seen them on before. Historically barren areas and situations that are now producing fish. The landscape of the backwater as it does every year changes and the fish adapt very quickly.

Friday morning offered tight aggressive schools of bass inside leeward basins at one point then the fish moved onto shallow flats and patrolled those areas
along with southern sting rays for crabs in the grass. Top water plugs and plastics alike worked really well. One thing I’ve noticed is that each individaul school on this morning wanted either one or the other. So follow up casts were needed in each area that we stopped just to make sure were weren’t missing something.

Towards the end of the out going tide we found fish working the water just off the open flats. Some nice ones sitting on the out skirts of exposed sand bars waiting for last few prey items of the tide to swim their way. Most of the baitfish (spearing)are just breaching the fry stage and are in large number seemingly every where we go. Larger topwater plugs are drawing explosive strikes from these fish. Some real exciting runs in very very shallow water.

Later in the afternoon brought a stiif southern wind popped up at the beginning of our trip. We set up in a beautiful strech of crystal clear water and started casting an open grass flat were the bass would be staging on the lower water. Fish were found within minutes of our first stop in about a foot of water. We stayed with these fish as the tide rose and given the south eastern flow the water came in clean and flooded the marsh putting the fish on floating bladder grass. We poled and stuck up on the bass with them exploding on our plugs within a rod length of the flats skiff…

Following the same pattern we found the mother load of nice bass tightly packed in three and fours following hooked fish to the skiff.

We rounded out the afternoon hitting minnow creeks pulling schooled fish until dark.

Saturday morning offered us just a couple schools of aggresive bass early. Not as accurate and missing our offerings time and again with a few
break offs mixed in for fish plowing around the boat in all directions once hooked and brought close. Either the bass were half heartedly striking or rushing us in an instant then quickly moving on. Oppurtunties arose very fast and fleed the next moment.

The afternoon trip offered more of the same until the last hour where the fish appeared out of no where and staged up at every minnow creek. Super aggressive with stikes coming the instant they landed. It was as if the fish were going to use every oppurtunity they had into that last hour of light right after the tide switched. Very fast fun fishing until sunset.

Sunday morning brought with it some heavy storm cells and downpours keeping my at the dock until the afternoon.

Once the afternoon rolled around I left the dock with John from Tackle Direct and his wife Jenn. We had a nice south eastern flow
bringing in clean ocean water. We started off working a flat with a fish or two dusting off as we moved polled the skiff along.
Working a flooded island John landed the first fish of the day that exploded on his top water plugs and ran all over flat.
We then set up on some winward shorelines and had more of the same. Nice size real nice bass and great runs.

Every stop seemed more of the same. A great steady flow of hungry fish. Flooded grass islands with schooled up bass partolling the out edges. Strikes were solid and immediate followed by some great runs.

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