Backcountry Sheepshead & Striped Bass

We’ve had some real interesting tides and trips this last week. Some days we’ve covered miles and others just a few small stretches of water.
These are our summer resident fish.

I think they’re finally finding their way around the marsh. The mullet are starting to mature and comb the bank in schools and the peanut have started getting some size and
can be seen getting pushed up into the banks by bass on some of the flood tides and blown out creeks. We have a plethora of southern sting rays and crabs on the flats
and the grass beds have come in beautifully.

Yesterday morning I had some long time clients Billy & Billy out on the boat at sunrise.

Tide was just about out when we started and the first area we had 2 misses then poled a flat that was about a foot deep with some laid up inactive fish that the we pushed off while
poling the boat along.

After a few more moves we got on a grass bed were the fish were much much more active.

We spent the remainder of the trip in this area with some excellent strikes and landing bass and landing fish the remainder of the trip. Southern rays and crabs moving around. Crystal clear water and just a plethora of life on the flat.

Once I dropped off my morning trip I met up with my cousin Chris @ the dock and we headed out to do some much needed field testing of our new BottomSweeper Jigheads.

There is nothing like a sheepshead as far as fighting ability goes. Powerful runs , their akin to a wreck permit or a 10 pound bluegill

We had some great fights and the jigs stood up to the test ; out performing anything we’ve ever used.
They are pretty much ready to go into production. Bottom fishing/Live lining their performance is awesome.
We have really have something totally unique to the market and I’m really looking forward to getting everyone on board
with some of the new techniques we are using now that’s changed our fishing game.My schedule is opening up a bit after this week if any of
you would like to get on the boat with us for a trip. I’m looking forward to this month as everything is really coming together.

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