The Night Shift…

What I really cut my teeth on when learning to fish the back bays. The Night Shift.

Over a decade ago, when I first got the boat I spent the first year exclusively fishing at night. The amazing things a saw and came to realize stuck with me. Not only the fishing but much of the wildlife that can only be seen lurking at night. During the course of a year the change of seasons , spawns, and migrations you really get an understanding of your quarry, it’s behaviors, and everything else that makes the marsh one of the most productive ecosystems in the country.

That will be revisited in a future in depth article. Now on to the report…
Last evening…Howling winds, huge tides and racing currents. An absolute awesome bite with staggering number of fish.

No matter the conditions this a special time of year.

Several all out Events going on at once that cannot afford to be overlooked. With the new moon tides ushering the spawn of just about every edible source in the back bay. 6 inch spearing , crimson cinders worms, and bay anchovies being devoured by huge coordinated wolf packs of striped bass.

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