Southern NJ Sheepshead Stampede 2016 Continues…

Prior to their release…Live well loaded with Sheepshead heading for the weigh station.

Not Florida, Not Louisiana… Southern New Jersey . Year after year. There is no other place in the world where trophy sheepshead gather in such numbers and can be caught with such consistency. This one caught by Mike Prosceno coming in at over 13#s with even bigger fish still roaming the tides…

For more then a decade I first only watched on my Aquaview underwater camera and fish that seemed so elusive and at the beginning uncatchable.

With the white and black bar they would roam in tightly packed schools in so much that three or four fish would appear like a solid mass. Not dissimilar to a herd of zebra migrating across the killing fields of the savanna.

Like the buffalo devouring mega wolves of northern Canada to theĀ  Prince Edward IslandĀ  1000 pound Bluefin tuna; The largest predators of the stock with always seek the furthest boundaries of their range for large prey.

With the huge risk/reward factor involved long migrations, once there, competition from other species is little to none.


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